The VBC Vape Shop & Lounge

Hello and welcome to the V.B.C Vape Shop & Lounge.

The V.B.C Vape Shop and Lounge is a vape shop and lounge based in Hull. 

We supply some of the best in premium e liquids from around the world including the UK, USA & Malaysia our liquids have been through emissions testing and toxicology  reports  before leaving the producer. 

All of our nicotine containing products have had the seal of approval by the UKs  MHRA
The MHRA is the UKs Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority who are responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe. 

Having a big role in the social media side of vaping means the V.B.C Vape Shop & Lounge have many HULL exclusives of the latest vaping technology and premium liquids brought to your doorstep with  free, friendly, honest, help and advice if you can't get to us then order from us here online ,we will do everything to ensure a fast delivery and happy customers.

contact us at vbcinbox1@gmail.com